Planning For A Vacation:  Here’s A Checklist of the Things You Need to Carry

The plane is booked, hotel reservations are made. The excitement about your vacation is building up but the clock is ticking so slowly. You can use that time, to make sure that you’ll leave nothing behind.

Here’s a checklist of the things that you must take with you.

Personal hygiene products

Make sure that you have carried enough of your personal hygiene products. Some of the things you need to pack in this list include;

Toothbrush and toothpaste. (Make sure you have some extra of both)


Body lotions

Face Wipes. (Should be antibacterial

Bathing soaps face towels, tampons for the ladies, powder, and a shaving kit.

selfie of me on vacation

Money belt

Money belts give you the comfort of knowing that everything valuable you have, your money, your passport, credit cards and all are safely fastened around your waist. I only make so much running my company, so I have to make sure all of the money I have is always safe!

First Aid Kit

It is very important to have with you a first aid kit, In case of an emergency. Depending on the country you are visiting your hotel might be far from hospitals. Some of the things that should be in your first aid kit include;


Pain reliever




If you are prone to suffering from motion sickness, it would do you good to carry candied ginger. Remember to put in the first aid kit an insect repellent too


Flashlights are very important especially when you are going to a vacation in the wild. They are very handy in places with limited electricity connection. They might also be a good source of light if you are going camping. In instances where you plan to go hiking remember to carry a headlamp.

Camera with an extra memory card

The vacation will end but the pictures you took will remain. Capture every moment that can help you relive the moments later. an extra memory card or a memory card with a large capacity will help you take all the moments.

Now don’t carry the camera and forget the extra batteries or the charging cable. Remember at the end of the vacation the photos are the only things you will have.

Ziploc bags

This will make it easy for you to store your personal items like the lotions and other things that might spill over. Apart from spillage Ziploc bags also keep most of your items safe from dust.

Map/guide book/phrasebook

Finding your way in a place you don’t know can be a daunting task. Having a map or a guide book is one of the safest ways to know your way around any place.

If you are traveling to a country where people speak a different language from yours, it will do you good to carry a phrase book to help you with the simple phrases that you can use to communicate.

The other things that might be of importance to you are things like a sleeping bag, very comfortable shoes that cover your feet well, a laptop and its charger, and clothing appropriate for where you are going to.


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